Santa Clara County Title Company

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Santa Clara County Title Company

Post  Admin on Mon May 03, 2010 1:55 am

Santa Clara County Title Company, April 22, 2010— for home buyers, lower closing costs mean they can afford more homes with their current budget, lower their overall mortgage payments or simply be able to bring less cash to the closing. Almost every lender will require title insurance in Santa Clara County Title Company to protect their interest in the mortgage. Called a loan policy, this title insurance policy in Santa Clara County Title Company is most often paid for by the buyer. It also makes sense for the buyer to have an owner’s policy, which offers similar protection for the owner as the lender’s policy does for the lender. Who pays for the owner’s policy depends not only on customs in the local area, but also good negotiating on the part of the buyer. When both policies are purchased at the same time, the price for the loan policy is drastically reduced. The Santa Clara County Title Company gives consumers the choice to select their own title insurance and settlement provider(s). But unfortunately, consumers often don’t even know what title insurance in Santa Clara County Title Company is; let alone how to shop for it. You could potentially save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in closing costs by informing your clients of this choice and giving them direction on how to shop for and select providers


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