The GA CD/DVD duplicator supports audio formats and th way to showing 2010

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The GA CD/DVD duplicator supports audio formats and th way to showing 2010

Post  Admin on Mon May 03, 2010 12:42 am

The GA CD/DVD duplicator is the light can be read or store products imported from the blanks specifications, reservoir, light product exists many standard, different standards of the blanks in the blanks, function of each performance. Today's GA CD/DVD duplicator support more standard, can read out its smooth data and information.

GA CD/DVD duplicator IDE (Device) : well done, a disk interface type, the integration of Chinese electronic driving interface, also called the ATA (on), refers to the Attachment beaver the controller and burners are hard disk drives, GA CD/DVD duplicator IDE is most common among various disk drives an interface.

In order to let users understand the various states GA CD/DVD duplicator work, so that users to control and so on GA CD/DVD duplicator in a LCD controller panel control panel to display all kinds of information. The index is generally use GA CD/DVD duplicator can show the number of characters ,

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