What’s the equipment types for the TX CD/DVD duplicator

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What’s the equipment types for the TX CD/DVD duplicator

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From now on TX CD/DVD duplicator are mainly divided into: a, yituo three, yi tuo four, five, yi tuo yi tuo 7, 6, yituo yituo eight and nine, yi tuo yituo and yituo ten 10 yituo wait. And from the support of the specification can be divided into TX CD duplicator and TX DVD duplicator
For TX CD/DVD duplicator, such as copying machine, eight TX CD/DVD duplicator general in the controller can be placed on the source is burning, and seven layers below to burn the place blank blanks. Users need to copy the source disk and cd-r empty dish respectively in the copy machine cd-rom drive and TX CD/DVD duplicator, then relaxed after a copy machine on the front panel, TX CD/DVD duplicator can be automatically replication.

Use port is: TX CD/DVD duplicator connected with internal controller interface. Currently the port for using the basic TX CD/DVD duplicator, because use the IDE interface IDE interface copying machine costs than SCSI interface low, so using SCSI interface TX CD/DVD duplicator on market is rarely seen.

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